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Montebello Academy

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English Language Arts, Natural Science, and Social Studies Teachers

 What qualities does a Teacher have?

  • Resourcefulness: Solves problems collaboratively and creatively to overcome difficulties and to achieve common objectives
  • Teamwork: Demonstrates a positive attitude towards working with others and values collective intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence: Has a strong self-awareness and an ability to read and react appropriately to the emotions of those around them
  • Assertive Communication: Expresses oneself in a clear, precise, and cordial, yet constructive manner that responds appropriately to the circumstances
  • Transparency: Expresses what one thinks and feels directly to the person or group of people it pertains to in favor of the mission, vision, and values.
  • Vulnerability: Is willing to share strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes in order to reflect and learn from them in the future
  • Leadership: A model leader in everything they say and do
  • Problem Solver: Demonstrates a constructive attitude amidst problems and solves them based on the groups needs and not personal interest
  • Intentional and Strategic: Able to identify the most effective route of action to achieve desired objectives
  • Growth Mindset: Conscious of what they know, are capable of, and can learn, while also continually looking for opportunities to learn and improve
  • Spiritually Open: Prepared to learn and grow spiritually

Position Responsibilities:

  • Plan unit and weekly plans according to Backward Design, continually providing constructive feedback to the students using both formative and summative assessment as tools for evaluation
  • Facilitates classes using a variety of international methodologies valued by the institution
  • Actively participate in different academic projects throughout the year
  • Participate actively in different professional development workshops


Qualifications & Requirements

Required CertificatesTeaching Credential/LicenseEducation RequiredBachelorMinimum Teaching Experience2 YearsMajorEnglishAdditional Requirements

Position Objectives

  • Teach English Language Arts classes dynamically, basing the classes on the methodology used by the school to promote critical thinking and understand in our students


  • Experience teaching English Language Arts, having received training in the subject
  • Experience teaching Middle School children preferred
  • University Degree in a field of study related to English or Education preferred

Job Skills

  • Native English level, able to read, write, and speak fluidly
  • Knowledge of grammatical and reading concepts
  • Knowledge of phonics and teaching how to read
  • Ability to make reading engaging and fun, pulling out reading language skills from books and novels being read
  • Ability to teach writing simple and complex paragraphs, making writing interesting and fun


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