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Desarrollador de Software - (English required / Quito)


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Desarrollador de Software - (English required / Quito)


It is looking to the world in awe, finding the new things that can push you to knowledge beyond your limits every time, the quality that drives each of us at Stack Builders to work toward being better every time.


And you might be someone just like that, looking for an opportunity to push past your current best, and a chance to compete with the best (in worldwide standards).


At Stack Builders we’re building the best development team in Latin America. A team that is leading the industry to better standards of quality thanks to a lot of hard work, constant learning and a hunger to improve each day.


If you wish to look back in a few years and feel that you’ve learned a lot and grown as well as part of a highly experienced and talented team, this might be the perfect job for you!


The Job


This position consists of 2 parts: learning and creating.


In this position you will be asked to learn at a fast pace and about a wide variety of subjects such as: the best practices the industry has developed, about new technologies (like Haskell) and about many more subjects that we find really important (like functional programming, test driven development, how to communicate better and how to shape business products). So if you love reading, learning and sharing your knowledge with others, this is the right place to be.


The second part of the job consists of creating clean and easy to maintain code up to our client’s standards.


Since we’re a software consultancy, the kind of project that you’ll be working on will vary constantly and you’ll always find new challenges, new creative ways to look at problems, and a great chance to grow in your career.


Aside from that, we’re regularly contributing to open source projects, publishing tutorials and overall aiming to create a stronger software community.


Would you like to be a part of this journey? Apply through our Job Board.


Note: This is an On-Site position, open to candidates who wish to work at our Quito - Ecuador office (Candidates who are looking to relocate will need to show strong skills using at least one of our core programming languages).


About us


Stack Builders is an Agile software consultancy based in New York with offices in Quito, Ecuador. We are looking for talented software engineers to join our Quito team.  Our technology stacks focus on Ruby on Rails and Haskell. We’re also developing in Clojure, TypeScript, PureScript and Elm.


Our portfolio includes an app to control public light installations on the NYC skyline, ticketing platforms for the tourism industry, building a mobile banking system from the ground up, and enhancing high-traffic financial platforms.


Stack Builders is proud to be an Equal Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or pregnancy.


To find out more about us, check out our website at https://www.stackbuilders.com




A completed university degree is a requirement, however we invite engineers to apply who are close to graduation (we would be offering an internship).


Candidates should have medium to advanced English skills. You will need to use this skill on a daily basis.


Candidates should be interested in learning how to build maintainable object-oriented and functional programs.


Contributions to open-source are a great bonus.


We are excited to train smart engineers who are new to Ruby, PureScript and Haskell, but we do require a strong background in programming in general.  


To be considered for an interview, please apply through our job portal including your GitHub profile or a link to code you are authorized to share as your portfolio. We respect copyrights and intellectual property, so be aware that we will report any case where portfolio material is shared if you do not have authorization.


We will only consider applicants that apply through our job portal.


Other perks include:


  • Benefits established by law

  • Continual professional development

  • Private health and dental insurance

  • Team building events and periodic team lunches

  • Open concept office space

  • Relocation stipend for highly-qualified candidates living outside of Quito.





El título universitario es un requisito obligatorio, pero también invitamos a aplicar a las personas que estén cercanas a su graduación (ofrecemos pasantías para quienes se encuentran estudiando dependiendo del perfil).


Los candidatos deben tener un nivel medio-alto de inglés. Se requerirá usarlo diariamente para el cumplimiento de sus funciones y las comunicaciones durante el proceso de selección se realizarán en este idioma.


Los candidatos deben estar interesados en aprender a construir sistemas sostenibles en lenguajes orientados a objetos y funcionales.


Las contribuciones al código abierto serán altamente valoradas, pero este no es un requisito.


Estamos dispuestos a formar ingenieros talentosos que sean nuevos en Ruby, Haskell y PureScript siempre que tengan una base fuerte en otros lenguajes.


Nota: Para oportunidades de reubicación a la ciudad de Quito desde otros países requerimos que poseas conocimientos fuertes usando al menos uno de los lenguajes con los que trabajamos a diario (Haskell, PureScript, TypeScript, Rails) y que tengas conocimientos fuertes de conceptos de OOP y programación functional.


Para ser considerado en esta vacante, por favor aplica usando este link.


Por favor, incluye en tu aplicación el link a tu perfil de Github o una plataforma similar de control de cambios, con algún ejemplo de código realizado por ti que tengas permitido compartir. Por favor, ten en cuenta que la ética profesional es muy importante para nosotros, por lo que, en el caso de recibir código de repositorios privados sin autorización, lo debemos reportar  inmediatamente.


Solo consideraremos a los aplicantes que usen este link.

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